HTC discontinues tablets in US market, will keep an open mind in the future

Just like the competing manufacturers in the smartphone market, the tablet market seems just as fierce. Recently statistics showed that iPad devices control a whopping 52% of the market share out of all tablets!  Keep in mind that there are a lot of other tablet manufacturers that make up the other 48%. Unfortunately due to the “competitive heat”, Taiwanese-based conglomerate HTC is dropping their hopes for US tablet sales. To be honest, HTC has only released a total of three tablets in the US, over the last two years. The Flyer, EVO View 4G, and Jetstream will no longer be sold by HTC, due to the lack of sales and overall interest in the devices. What’s interesting however, is that the company’s global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon, said that tablets could return in the future, leaving an “open-mind”. The HTC spokesman said, “We’re watching that market very, very closely,” referring to a possible revival of tablet production in the US market. Hopefully HTC could tag team with Google, for a next generation Nexus 7 tablet. 

Who could blame HTC for dropping out of the race. With strong competition from Samsung and angered rival Apple, it seems quite difficult to make a standalone flagship device. On the good side, HTC will most likely dominate the upcoming smartphone market, with the “soon-to-be-released” HTC One X+. What do you think about HTC’s decision to drop their line of tablets in the US? What could they have done better? I would love to hear your comments.

Source: Fierce Wireless

About the Author: Will Gill

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  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I think they did right by dropping out of that race. They make sum excellent quality devices but the marketing isn’t there to get them rolling. Androids r 10 times better than iOs 6. It has more potential, can be customized to fit wut aperson wants n needs. IPhones r for individuals that want a smartphone without having to be smart themselves so long as Apple knows that they will sell n e thing that has an I in front of it. iPad, iPhone, ITV, IToaster, iCar lol

  • sent from my tablet

    HTC had tablets? that’s news…

  • John

    That’s a shame. I was so looking forward to a 10″ HTC tablet, been holding out for one.

  • leoingle

    They will “dominate” the smartphone market with the soon to be released HOX+…. is this a joke??? Yeah, it will dominate being on one carrier just like the HOX did. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Apparently the writer of this article didn’t get that memo.