LG Nexus 4 could launch globally on October 29

We saw the name LG Nexus 4 in a leaked Carphone Warehouse inventory page, and it just popped up again in a French newspaper called Le Figaro. The name really isn’t the issue because they claim to have a global launch date of October 29 with it eventually landing in France in December on the SFR network.

They seem to refer to the announcement and launch date as the same, which points to the AllThingsD Conference that was rumored before. It could also mean that it won’t actually be available that day, but you will have the ability to pre-order one much like how things went with the Nexus 7. Either way, I fully expect it to be available in the Google Play Store whenever it’s actually launched just like the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

Stay tuned because you just never know when the next piece of the puzzle will be revealed.

source: Le Figaro
via: Android Central

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