HTC Sense Interface Update For The HTC Magic?

It appears that the HTC Sense interface could soon be made available to existing Android handsets.

According to Pocket-lint, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou confirmed to them that, “HTC sense will be available on some other existing devices.”

htc sense interface

Chou didn’t say which current Android devices would receive the new HTC Sense interface, but with only the HTC G1 and HTC Magic currently available, it seems likely that the purely touchscreen Magic would be the chosen handset.


  • isuriv

    and HTC Dream??

  • LaptuaZ

    Sadly, I’m sure this UI will be totally slow and just annoy most users, although, it looks so awesome, if only it would behave fast like it’s computer mock up, that would be awesome!

  • Bo

    I don’t know. the Dream and Magic both have nearly identical hardware chracteristics as the Hero. The hero boasts a different processor and more RAM as the only performance differences but I have a feeling that Sense will be optimized for use on the already existing handsets. The Dream and Magic even have multitouch capable touch screens, The only reason we don’t have multitouch on those phones is because the features coding was never finished (most likely due to threats from Apple) and was subsequently coded out. I honestly think that both the Magic and Dream will see official options to add Sense. Of course, even if it doesn’t happen, the Geniuses over at XDA Developers can, and probably will make it happen. and when they do, I will be more than happy to deposit a fitting donation for their hard work.

  • William

    Bo, if you saw the interview with part of the android team at Google IO then you would know that the G1/Dream actually does not have the hardware capabilities for multitouch. The mods that have been done are, according to Google, not true multitouch

  • Lancelot

    Gees, just when I get excited that someone else is releasing an android phone I see that they are still only using a freaking 3.2″ screen. What’s up with these people, don’t they know that with the small default fonts android uses a 3.5″ screen is the minimum that should be used, unless you don’t mind getting an eye ache from squinting. Google gave people the tools to put every other smartphone to shame but all I see are phones being built with nothing but profit in mind. I’m not even in the business & I can see that if someone would use a larger screen, flash, larger fonts & zoom throughout the OS, faster processor & more ram we would have a real iPhone killer, not just a sub-par competitor – Apples recent releases have put them even further a head, even if they don’t allow apps to run in the background.

  • Mock

    Re Bo:

    Have to correct you a bit there, the HTC branded HTC Magic/Sapphire actually has the exact same hardware as the Hero, with the exception of a 3.5″ jack and a +2MP camera.

    However the Vodaphone and (afaik) “with Google” branded Magics have less memory and a different CPU, tho running at the same frequency (they are all however clocked at a lower frequency than specified by HTC (528 Mhz)).

    Re Isuriv:

    The phone he mentions as the HTC G1 is the HTC Dream. The reason it is being called the G1 is because T-Mobile, who afaik were the first out with the Dream, branded it as he T-Mobile G1.

  • Lobo

    our magic in canada has same ram as hero.. i heard american version of our magic is less ram.. I think if it says Google on the back you have less

  • Ronni Rasmussen

    The google branded magic only got 192mb ram while the no-google branded got 288mb which is the same as the hero. They also got the same size of Rom and same processor.