Samsung Updates Its Kies Desktop Software, Gives The UI A Heavy Dose Of Modernization


It’s no secret that Samsung’s Kies desktop software isn’t the most intuitive or user-friendly, but Samsung took some time anyways to make the new update just a little better. From the surface, it looks like Sammy has gone ahead and tweaked the UI significantly in this latest update— which allows for a more organized, yet simplified appearance for users. Unfortunately there’s no change log or anything of note that lists all that’s changed in the latest update, but hey— change is always good for us picky folk.

The new update is available for both Windows and Mac users, so if you’re on a Sammy device, head on down to the source link to grab your download today.

source: Samsung

  • RTWright

    Would be great if it actually worked like it should. I have Win 7 64bit and it refuses to connect with the device via USB, I can do WiFi and sometimes it’s Bluetooth works, but you can only do so much with their software when it’s not USB connected. Works fine on the Mac, which I find funny. I have tried everything their site says to fix it, as well other users suggestions on this issue and it’s not worked. So Samsung needs to do more than fix it’s looks before I’ll start using it.