The Samsung Galaxy S IV 13MP camera module has been spotted in the wild

Well it’s not too early to start the Galaxy S IV rumors is it? The first rumor was about a possible announcement at next year’s Mobile World Congress, which was quickly denied by Samsung. Now we have reports that a 13MP camera module for the Galaxy S IV was spotted, which isn’t anything earth-shattering. We actually thought the Galaxy S III and/or the Galaxy Note II would have a 13MP shooter, and interestingly enough, this lens was actually intended for those devices. For whatever reason, it was scrapped in favor of the current 8MP shooters.

The module was spotted by the Korean media and it will shoot images with a resolution of 4208 x 3120 and it measures 8.5×8.5×5.9mm. Who knows if this module will actually make it into the Galaxy S IV, but I think it’s safe to assume that we will get a pretty good upgrade either way.

source: samsung-updates, newstomato (translated)
via: ubergizmo