Skyfire updated in the Android Market

Skyfire has announced that the latest version of their popular mobile browser has hit the Android Market today, under the version number  One of the major updates includes a fix for the force close issue that many users had been reporting over the past week. They have also updated the UI, making it crisper for high-res supporting devices.

Check out the full change log after the break.

We are excited to release our newest version of Skyfire for Android today. The update is available in Android Market and the full version number is

Fixes for 2.3.2: (Updated 9/1/2010):

Fixed the ‘Force Close’/Crash issue experienced on many devices over the past week …(Thank you for your patience)

Enhancements in 2.3.2 release:

  • Updated ‘Video Search’ feature: We’ve added some additional power to our video search results – More video equals more browsing & more fun!
  • Looking Good:  Updated, Crisper UI for High Resolution supporting devices (2.0+)

Enhancements in 2.3.1 release (Updated 8/25/2010) :

  • Fixed streaming performance issues for Droid X and Droid 2 Devices!
  • Proper Streaming support for HTC EVO (found a workaround for EVO device specific issue)
  • Improved overall streaming performance for all FroYo devices

Enhancements in 2.3 release:

  • Fixed streaming performance issues for Droid X and Droid 2 Devices!
  • Support for Fix for some Android 2.2 related issues found on the HTC EVO.
  • Video playback: We improved our overall video streaming reliability, thus you should see a much lower occurrence of video timeouts with this new version.  More enhancements are in the works, so video reliability will continue to get better.
  • YouTube: On July 23, YouTube changed some of its APIs, causing YouTube videos to fail occasionally. This release resolves that problem.
  • Desktop/Mobile switch: When switching between Android and Desktop mode of a page we better preserve the original page URL to reduce confusion due to page redirects.
  • Video startup time: Video playback start time improved as much as 5 seconds.

Fixed in 2.3 release:

  • Startup Crash: For some users, Skyfire would intermittently force close startup. Fixed.
  • Battery optimization, especially when Skyfire is in background
  • Samsung Galaxy S: Better support for Flash 9 to co-exist with Skyfire Toolbar.
  • Find on page: functionality fully working now
  • Exit Skyfire in Android 1.5: On Motorola Backflip and HTC Magic it is now possible to properly exit Skyfire via a long-pressing the ‘back’ key.


Your Skyfire Team

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