Chrome for Android updated to support Intel x86 devices

Chrome is one of the most utilized web browsers on the market. When the stable mobile-version was released in June 2012, Android users took the oppurtunity to grab the app, and since then helped it achieve over 100,000 downloads! The magic of Google Chrome rubbed off on the mobile market, obviously becoming a success. But like any app, when new technology comes out, updates need to be released. And Google is constantly prepared for changes.

As “us tech fans” know, Motorola unveiled the ‘RAZR i’ about a week ago. And it is hyped for being the first mainstream Android device, with an Intel chipset. Quite an accomplishment. The one downside to owning this device, will be the lack of updated apps to work with the newly introduced chipset. However, if you are a fan of Chrome for Android, you’re in luck!

Thanks to the intelligent developers over at Google Android, they have released an update to support x86 for Chrome. You no longer have to fear future phones that say “Intel Inside”, well as least for now. Of course the team fixed some other bugs, such as YouTube controls working in fullscreen, as well as YouTube videos being able to play after a screen lock

You currently can pick up Chrome in the Play Store for FREE. What do you think of x86 devices working with Chrome? Is it really a suprising update? I would love to hear your comments.


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About the Author: Will Gill

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