SteelSeries Free Brings Android Gamers A Bluetooth-Based Gamepad Alternative


It’s no secret that Android gaming has been taking to another level, so it’s only fitting that we see new accessories being launched to help make the gaming experience a great one. A new controller that has been announced called the SteelSeries Free gaming controller is now on its way to those looking for another way to play their favorite games. The gamepad is a bluetooth-based controller that brings the standard button and analog sticks, but in a unified design. The cool thing is the device is capable of 10 hours of battery life in continuous gameplay or 20 hours of battery life in casual gaming. What’s even better is while the gamepad will have native support for games like GTA 3 or Max Payne, it will feature its own app called the SteelSeries Engine, which allows users to further customize their device to their liking.

While the gamepad has been announced, there is no word yet on its price and availability— and no, the device will not be free contrary to the gamepad’s name silly. Hit the source link for additional details and information.

source: Phandroid

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    Mine is set to arrive on Friday (10/19). I intend to reverse engineer it and add support to my own software. Will post more info when I have it.