HTC Enticing Apple iPhone Owners To Trade Their Phones In For A One X With Free urBeats Headset


If you find that you’re sick of the Apple iPhone and are interested in grabbing yourself an Android phone instead, HTC has the incentive to entice customers to come on over to the wild side. The manufacturer has presented a solid promotion where customers can trade in their iPhone (in fully functional and good condition, of course) and buy a One X instead, with a side of $99 urBeats headsets thrown in for free. Naturally customers may not expect to get top dollar for the iPhone compared to online listings like Craigslist or eBay, but you gotta admit— the idea of having the awesome One X with a sweet headset may be too good  of a deal to pass up.

The promotion ends on October 21st, so those of you iPhone owners on the fence about switching over will have some time to think about it. Hopefully you’ll find a reason or two to help make the decision a little easier.

source: HTC

  • emunny057

    Do it! The google maps are flawless!


    I LOVE HTC! Wish that HTC_SENSATION_4G_By:_T-MOBILE_USA_FR_2011/AUG/26, can get-in on this GREAT DEAL!