Vellamo Benchmark App Gets Update to 2.0, Turns Into Full-fledged Benchmarking Suite

Benchmarking is one of those tech subjects these days that gets a lot of people worked up. From fan-boys of certain devices or carriers to the family guy a few cubicles down from you at work, you’ve no doubt been approached by someone either in person or online flaunting their latest benchmark scores. But admit it, there’s something about running those tests that we just gravitate to. It’s just in our blood.

Enter Vellamo’s updated benchmarking app from Qualcomm. Vellamo has completely revamped the UI, which is gorgeous by the way, and now features everything from CPU performance to networking capabilities via simulated 3G/4G/WiFi, HTLM5, and web browsing all while comparing your results to other devices. We all know these benchmarks do not mean much in the real world with each and every phone literally being set up differently once it’s in users’ hands. However, Vellamo makes it very appealing to run their app with the latest update, if only to view the gorgeous interface – and maybe grab a glance of how your device still stacks up compared to that new device that just launched. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

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  • RTWright

    I don’t believe in Benchmark Software made by the people that make the processors. They need to be made by someone who’s not affiliated with them so that it’s measured on a user level and not a tech level. Problem with all these are just like it is on the PC. If you do a benchmark on a nVidia system, with an nVidia benchmarking software, then it’s skewed to make nVidia look good. Need to be a non-biased, non-affiliated software that benchmarks every manufacture equally based on user expectations.