Apple fans flood Samsung’s Facebook page

Social media is great tool for reaching out to your fans and getting conversations going about your products. On September 6, Samsung asked their fans via their Facebook page “If you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?” Samsung was probably expecting an internal war between the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, but Apple fans crashed the party.

In recent days the post has been flooded with comments about the iPhone 5 and iPad. At one point iPhone was mentioned 3,637 of the last 5,000 posts, and Samsung and Galaxy was only mentioned 473 and 378 times respectively. So Apple fans are showing up in large numbers to put a smudge on what should have been a simple Samsung friendly best phone discussion. Apple fans took it as a time to say, “Hey, we like our phones more than yours.” Clearly this tactic backfired on Samsung, but I am sure they have higher hopes for their new commercial showcasing the Galaxy S III, rather than Facebook fans debating over it. If you want to help out the Samsung cause in this war, then click the link below.

Sources: CNet / Samsung Facebook Page

  • Sassigal11

    Samsung friendly? Wow that takes shutzbah

    • RTWright

      Again, take your Apple trolling self back to Apple and stay put! You’re opinions here are worthless just as much as you are…. I bet you were one of the first to Samsung’s site to be an arse. Just goes to show the mentality of Apple Lemmings. You’ve all been this way for so many blindly lead years you can’t help yourselves. You’re an eye-sore on this planet, a mockery of technology in general and a complete waste of space. Have been and probably will always be that way.

      • Marty

        go call your psychiatrist, you need a refill, bad. and wipe that drool, will ya. imbecile

  • cooldoods

    Yeah but they liked Samsung’s Facebook page lol


    a bit curious. How do you count the comments?

    • RTWright

      Easy, the software on the back-end does it for you. You can have it track just about anything on a site.

  • technofreak

    This shows how apple isheep are so obsessed and stupid that they would waste their time doing that. it also shows samsung consumers buy their products and not because they are fanboys that dont understand technology

  • Shady Tools

    I guess Samsung customers are too busy out & about using their decent Google Maps navigation to be bitter or bored enough to be getting involved in some online war.

    Let the crApple rabble waste their money on sub-par, slavery made products if they want to.

  • Richard Lilley

    Apple is still playing catch up.

    The Galaxy S III had all those features and more, months ago. (No lining up to get one either) Even my S II has most of them, including NFC, and a bigger screen and better camera.!
    They do excel at marketing though.I guess making people line up and garnering all that free news publicity pays off for them in the end.
    Too bad Mr. Jobs’ legacy/last wishes were to vaporize Android, sure is a big waste of time and money.The lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank though…