AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III gets minor software update

We received a few emails from owners of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III letting us know they received an update of 82MB. The version is UCALH9 and it looks like this update is similar to the international one a couple of weeks ago. No changelog was released, but you should notice a new brightness slider in your notification dropdown. We’re also hearing of some VPN and enterprise security enhancements.

Thanks Jeff

  • smoore00

    Mine is being pushed right now, any idea if I will loose root access?

    • Josiah McMillan

      of course you will

      • smoore00

        Yep, I probably would have, but ClockworkMod saw what was happening and gave me the option to fix root on the restart. Very slick.

  • bharat

    My note(international ver) too got an update!!
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  • Dave Beach

    After reading this article, I manually checked for updates and applied this update to my AT&T S3. At least here in TX this wasn’t being pushed by AT&T yet.