Shazam app update expands tagging for TV shows to be universal

Stalwart music tagging app Shazam continues to move into areas beyond music. You may have noticed the Shazam logo showing up on TV shows or during commercials. That was a sign that app users could use Shazam to get additional information about the show. Shazam is now expanding that capability to enable users to tag any show on any network. Using Shazam, users can pull up information about a TV show’s cast, what they are tweeting about, IMDB and Wikipedia entries, and more. The app also enables users to tweet out or share via Facebook.

This expansion of the Shazam app will enable it to compete with similar apps like IntoNow or GetGlue. All of these apps are trying to capitalize on viewers who are using their phones or tablets to get to more in-depth information about the TV shows they are watching without being so difficult to use that it results in distraction.

As of now, the new feature is limited to the U.S. Other apps like GetGlue and IntoNow may also have a slight edge for users who are interested in “check-in” type information, especially if they want to know if any of their friends are watching the same show.

Interested in giving the newly expanded Shazam a try with your favorite TV show? Use one of the download links below to grab it.

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