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User Agent Profile For Samsung GT-I9260 Smartphone Leaks


It looks like we have another follow-up to a certain Samsung device. If you recall last month, we casually made a mention of a mysterious Samsung GT-i9260, which was originally believed to be a possible successor to the current Galaxy Nexus smartphone– but is more likely to be some sort of an enhanced version of the current Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Premier smartphone. Originally, we were treated to some major specs identified in the original leak such as an A9-based dual-core processor, 8MP camera and the addition of an SD card slot— and now we have a User Agent Profile that gives us even more details. According to the User Agent Profile, the GT-i9260 has a resolution of 1280 x 720, which almost mirrors the current Galaxy Nexus. However, something that is a bit unusual is the fact that the CPU listed is identified as the “ARM11″ unit, which may indeed stand for a ARM’s Cortex-A11 processor since you know— the original ARM11 CPU powered the original Android smartphone and all. Nevertheless, this processor is listed and is expected to be clocked much faster than the processor found in the Galaxy Nexus.

So all in all, this device could either be a minor refresh of the current Galaxy Nexus or we can see a brand new Galaxy Premier smartphone (which I personally think is the more likely scenario). Either way, now that we have the User Agent Profile, it shouldn’t be too long before we get additional details.

source: Pocketnow