Love the HTC weather widget? Get it for your Vista/W7 PC

HTC’s SenseUI definitely has its positives and negatives, but most people have good things to say about their weather widget. Some people even like it so much that they’ll port it onto their PCs.

Called HTC Home, it’s an obvious port of the weather widget from SenseUI. The widget itself is pretty customizable, you can resize it, put it in the taskbar, switch animations on/off and change your location pretty easily (as seen above). If you’re not sure how well this works, just check out the video:

[via htchome.codeplex]

  • Richard Warner

    Where can we download it from?

  • Mike Donovan

    Follow the source link below the video :)

  • Richard Warner

    I have downloaded it but im not sure what to do when i have downloaded it as i cant find it on my pc.