AT&T to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II on October 21st

We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note II to debut here in the U.S. sometime this fall. In fact, it’s rumored to land on all four major carriers. BGR just got word from a “trusted source” that it will debut on AT&T on October 21st. Interestingly enough the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone will also debut on the same day. Are you guys excited for this 5.5-inch beast?

source: bgr

  • yarrellray

    Sounds great. Tmobile here I come..

  • zorimar

    What is the price on At&t going to be for the galaxy note 2 ?

  • Chuck Angel

    I’ve already decided that the Galaxy Note II will be my next phone – probably in December when I’m eligible for an upgrade on AT&T. I plan to go 2 for 1 – my cellphone and my tablet will then be one and the same.

  • Darkcobalt

    I’m still intrigued by the Note, but I worry it’s too big lol.