Pro tip: Setup voicemail on Epic 4G

Voicemail, it’s one of those things that you setup when you first get your phone and that’s it. But what if you want to change your voicemail message or change how your name appears to people who receive your messages? Good luck finding it in that manual you threw away.

But setting up or making changes to your voicemail settings is actually really simple. From the home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Call Settings > Voicemail Settings

Once there you’ll be greeted with the screen above. From here you can change how your notified of voicemails, if you want your contacts’ pictures to be shown, speakerphone on/off, voicemail greeting, from name, check for voicemail software upgrades and the ever exciting about voicemail.

So there you have it, it’s a very simple tip, but one that I think that a lot of people will find useful.

  • curse

    thanx for the tip Scott, just wanna mention, this is hardly an “Epic 4G” pro tip.. it works on my HTC Tattoo(Android 1.6/Sense) as well as my Samsung Galaxy S(Android 2.1/TouchWiz). My guess is that it’s a standard android setting.

    Why not just call it an Android pro tip instead of locking it to just one phone?

  • Scott Young

    because it’s not the same on my T-Mobile Vibrant or my AT&T Captivate.