Apple Wins Another Victory Against Android, This Time Claims “Rubber-Banding” Patent Infringement Against Motorola


Another day, another win for Apple versus an Android manufacturer. A Munich, Germany court recently ruled Apple can file for an injunction against Motorola phones and tablets, due to claims of a “rubber-banding” patent infringement. This “rubber-banding” patent is essentially an effect that can cause a page on a device to bounce back up after a user has swiped to the bottom of the screen, similar to the bounce back patent that was argued recently against Samsung. The unusual part of this story is Motorola actually acknowledged the alleged patent infringement back in April, but then backtracked and denied any sort of infringement later in August. As a result of this, Apple has a few options on the table for itself. The company can: 1) pay $32 million to enforce a ban which wouldn’t be permanent and would be open to an appeal, 2) pay an additional $12.9 million to force Motorola to get rid of any products named in the patent infringement or 3) pay an additional $12.9 million on top of the other fees in order to pursue a German recall of all Motorola products that infringe on Apple’s patents.

Naturally Motorola (and Google) can only shrug shoulders. A spokeswoman for Motorola is quoted as saying Motorola believes ” this will have a minimal impact on our business, if any“. This is because after all– Motorola doesn’t do major business in German markets, so in essence the potential of a sales’ ban would have minimal impact on its overall brand. Still, if you’re an Android  manufacturer, there may be cause for serious concern. After all that’s happened recently, Apple is definitely not looking to let its foot off the gas anytime soon against anything and everything Android.

source: CNet

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Emmanuel Chenze

    Can’t Apple just leave Android alone?

    • Roger the Dodger

      No, they can’t leave Android alone, the reason being simple: the iPhone 5 is crap and Apple are all out of ideas. They’ll just be suing everyone else until they fade into oblivion now.

      • Paris Koutsioukis

        But apple will not be successful in the end

      • RTWright

        I wont say the iPhone 5 is crap, no I don’t use one either, I have a SGSIII. But it is a decent device. However, it’s not that much different than their previous devices. Slightly bigger screen, slightly faster processor and they updated some of their software and added their own maps system ( Which eh, is not going to be as good as Google Maps anytime soon ).

        As I have said before, the iPhone series never has made any really major leaps and bounds in innovation since it’s first initial release, it’s always been minor ones. The iPhone 5 is somewhat of a major step for them in some regards, but not much. I still prefer my SGSIII over anything Apple has put out.

        See now they’re starting to copy others now, thinner body, bigger screen ( 4″ compared to the SGSIII’s 4.8″ is still bigger than their previous ones however ). Yet you’ll never hear them admit to it. Sorry but they are starting to change little by little and it is because of Android and the many successful devices they have running it. You can agree or not, but it is a fact. They have to change or decay away….

    • RTWright

      The problem is, it’s really simple. Apple is putting a patent on putting a diaper on a child. Basically saying, anything they can think of, find, that isn’t already covered under someone else’s patent, they’re putting claims to. They don’t need to invent anything, they just have to research rather or not it’s got a patent on it. If it doesn’t they put one on it and then sue anyone that’s currently using said patented usage.

      This is where our Patent Office fails, because they let anyone, not just Apple, do this. But only the ones with any real power or money can put lawsuits of this nature together against anyone of worth. Meaning any major hitter in the Android market better be doing the same thing Apple is or you will face Apple in court. Right now if I were to design a device for this kind of usage, I’d even have my thoughts patented and be behind closed doors throughout the entire design process till the first one was made and fully functioning.

      Then every single aspect would be patented down to the size, width and curvature of the bezel, body, glass, electronics, gestures used, the entire package. Because that is exactly what Apple and others are doing. Problem is, a lot of the common use stuff is already under patent and a lot of them were in use long before any of these big hitters made a single product that has come out from the time of the iPhone release and up till now.

      Just no one has really put their facts together right before going into trial against Apple. Since Apple is the one that starts most of these lawsuits, you can tell who’s been busy finding patents to take over!

  • Raymond

    One day Karma will wake up on her period and Apple will suffer sooooo muuuch <3