Pro tip: Sprint Epic 4G keyboard shortcuts

Hey all you Epic 4G owners, we’re sure you’ve been so busy caught up with your front facing camera and LED flash that you haven’t had time to dig through your phones settings. Fear not though, for this tip will help you navigate through your phone faster than ever.

Just like there are keyboard shortcuts on actual computer’s, your Epic keyboard has them to. In order to see what they all are (and customize them for yourself) then go here (from home screen) Menu > Settings > Applications > Quick Launch

Once there you’ll be greeted with the screen above. The screen shows you some of the default shortcuts, as well as the ones “empty” ones that are left for you to customize to launch whatever apps you want. Here are the default shortcuts if you’re interested (Note “search” equals the magnifying glass):


Pretty cool huh? But don’t worry, if you’re not happy with the default shortcuts, you can change those as well, so you’re not stuck having Search+ p launching your music.

If you’ve got some more great tips for the Epic 4G, let us know in the comments!

  • Travis

    I just noticed that the published search for the calender is search + L (not search + i) Just wanted to correct it so those who are confused can know.
    BTW nice job on the site and info.


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  • Spikedeutch


  • Confused

    When I hit the search button the Google searh window pops up. I thought it would open applications on my phone.