Apple’s lawsuits against Samsung has prompted Google to rethink their stance on patents

Google’s stance on patents has always been relaxed, as opposed to Apple’s much documented “war” style when it comes to defending their patents. Due to Apple’s constant bombardment of lawsuits against some of Android’s top manufacturers, mainly Samsung and HTC, Google has prompted themselves to change their stance on patents and how they plan on dealing with them. According to David Lawee, Google’s VP in corporate development:

“We actually didn’t invest in the patent ecosystem. We weren’t patenting things as aggressively as we should have been. We didn’t really believe rounded corners were patentable. We just didn’t buy into that notion of protecting your IP, and it (referring to Samsung’s landslide loss to Apple) was a wake-up call.”

While Google and Lawlee would much prefer peace than war, Apple has essentially given Google (or anyone for that matter) no choice but to strictly defend any patent they own. Lawlee also added:

“I’m hoping that we’re kinda over the hump in terms of how people value patents, and the ‘thermonuclear’ world is not the world we’re going to live in.”

It’s clear that Google and Lawlee wishes Apple would stop all of this nonsense, but at the same time realizes that it’s just wishful thinking when it comes to Apple and their patents. Let’s also not forget the power Google has with all of their patents, especially with the ones they acquired from the Motorola purchase.

It’s time for Google to take the gloves off and finally fight back against Apple. They can’t continue to let some of their most powerful vendors such as Samsung get clobbered in court battles. What do you guys think?

source: All Things D


  • Lost_Fan

    Apple will stop all this nonsense when samsung and other stop blatantly copying and infringing on their patents. It’s that easy. Most of the patents google got with motorola are FRAND. So are samsung’s. If not, they should be considered obvious and repealed. I’m just using all the fandroids arguments. ;)

    • Macky Evangelista

      You do realize that most of what Samsung got sued for is because they made a phone that has “rounded” corners and a bezel, right? How else do you plan on making a smartphone? It’s like Ford suing honda for making a car with 4 wheels. There’s no other way to make a car.

      • Chris Rapati

        Agreed. Along with the rounded corner one of the patents was double tapping to zoom in. When you think about it, that just makes sense. What, Samsung and others need to have 3 taps to zoom in? C’mon…



    • Major_Pita

      Motorola filed suit with the ITC in mid-August against Apple for violation of 7 NON-FRAND/non-essensial patents. There will be no fair use issue on this. The filing calls for an import ban on all infringing devices. Those devices are all iPhones, all iPads, all iTouch and serveral Mac Notoebooks. Google has filed suit for 4 more NON-FRAND patents. HTC’s patent rights were just upheld by a Federal Judge in a case where they are suing Apple over LTE patents. Samsung vows to sue Apple over different LTE patents. LTE may NOT fall under FRAND if the device in question falls back to 3G in the absence of an LTE signal. If the device can function without 4G, LTE is non-essential. In China, the world’s largest cell phone market, GooPhone has been given design patents on a device said to look nearly identical to the leaked iPhone 5 images, making mockery of Apple’s first-to-file mentality. It is a likely the iPhone 5 will be shut out of China as a result. Foxconn is said to be releasing their own smartphone, making them a direct competitor against Apple. Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, CoolPad,Acer, and Asus could easily tie up the supply chain and fabrication plants now given their locations and influence. Witness the unexpected announcement by Sharp that they may not be able to deliver on iPhone 5 displays, if you doubt that. In addition the verdict is being challenged on the August Apple vs. Samsung case due to ‘jury issues’. Apple may have started something they can’t finish. Now take your smug attitude somewhere like BGR troll-boy.

      • RTWright

        Funny thing is, here’s where I’m laughing. Blackberry, while it wasn’t a Touch device at first, had Rounded Corners on all of their devices. Had squares with rounded corners for almost all of the icons on their systems. They also had an App store long before all of this. Now when they produced their first Touch Screen Smartphone, they used all of this same design style that apparently was part of the lawsuits with Apple and Samsung. All they had to do was add the Touch Screen Technology to their OS, which is not Android or Apple. Which I feel is why they didn’t go after RIM, because it’s not Android.

        It’s clear to me that the only industry at risk from anything Apple looks at, is Android. Why? Well we all know why, because the their late head of Apple plainly stated, he wants Android gone! So the company is only really attacking the Android hardware manufactures. Have you heard of any of the Microsoft phones getting attacked? Nope! And they’re pretty much mainly attacking the ones that lead the race in the Android market. So they’re going after the ones they know they can sue for the most money.

        Apple cannot survive this technology battle if they keep it up. Why? Because they will lose people to build their stupid hardware for them. Samsung, Sony, LG, and a few others, all are responsible for a lot of the technology that Apple uses to build their devices. If all of them pretty much turned and said, we’ve had enough of your ill tempered behavior and lack of foresight on your part. We’re through with you all together! Apple would find themselves in such a big hurt because now they would have to come up with plants to build their own hardware. Go figure, which is something they have not done in a long time now.

        We all know how it’s cheaper to have someone else do the work for you, that’s why every major company out-sources to begin with. Only a few actually build 100% of their own hardware, you could probably count them on both hands and have fingers left over. Apple is NOT one of them!

    • RTWright

      I wish the owners of this site would just ban Lost_Cause here, because all he is, is a waste of time to read his blatant trolling of everyone here. He only comes here to mouth off, like the coward he is. He knows too well if he spoke like this to people in RL next to him, he’d be the target of someone knocking him on his CrApple Appled arse! Because they would at some point, like I’m sure we are here, get enough of him and just shut him up!

      He’s too busy daydreaming about how much he’s kissing Stevie J’s dead arse to even think clear. Apple is and always will be their worst enemy. They lost it when they cut off the Mac Clones, they lost market by only going with AT&T, same damn thing that costed them against PC’s. The only bloody reason anyone uses their PoS computers now days is because they’re locked into contracts with them and are too dang lazy to learn how to use a PC.

      How funny it is to note that a Mac is nothing more than a PC period with the Mac stupid OS on it that I cannot stand their interface one bit. I’m stuck using a crapbook pro here because this company was under the delusional thoughts that is what is needed to do graphics on. But I’ve been in this business personally for well over 20 years now and I never ONCE used a Mac for creating my designs. Apple is just as bad as the next company, if not worse in some ways. Idiots like Lost_Cause here, can’t see that because his head is fully up a dead mans arse!

  • trefalga

    Lost Fan Loser….do you even know the details of what Samsung blatantly copied? You’re just baaaaaahing in support of Apple with the rest of the sheep – and you have no idea what you’re talking about. The Apple victory over Samsung is joke and it will be overturned long after the smoke clears. The only thing Apple has done is dig it’s grave deeper. It has already lost the market it once owned by following the same stupid business model that cost it the desktop. After squandering it’s initial 80% market share it’s now down to 19%. It won’t be very long until it’s back to it’s pc era marketshare of 5% – imop that won’t happen soon enough.

    • Lost_Fan

      boohoo!!! wahhh wahhh…that’s what you sound like. Get over it. samsung lost and Apple won. Let’s move on.

      • PiruP

        You truly are lost.

  • Garrett Bishop

    They should definitely do it. How rediculous is a patent on rounded corners, seriously. If apple wants to attack every other company with law suits instead of spending their time improving on their bland repetitive design and features they might not have to sue every other manufacturer to make their money. They’re obviously afraid they won’t be able to stay competitive so they’d rather just try and get rid of any competition the cheap underhanded way. Google has no choice but to fight back the same way. Apple is like that whiney kid in grade school that always ran and told on you to the teacher

    • Lost_Fan

      As Apple laughs all the way to the bank with their “bland repetitive design”. LOL!!!!

      • RTWright

        Oh look, it’s the Lost_Cause! Bend and flush bud!

      • Bacon Frazzle

        Only because fools and their money are easily parted ……

  • dynadom


    • Lost_Fan

      It will never happen.

      • dynadom

        Google is smarter than crapple they’ll loose

        • Lost_Fan

          Nah…Apple has too much money. LOL!!! Now $1 billion more. :)

          • Bacon Frazzle

            Shame they are short on morals and common sense ……

  • millgate

    Use your patents to reduce Apple to normality – they are an excrescence on the user communities. Between Google and the US Federal Authorities, Apple could be eradicated,.

  • RsFtw

    Screw apple and their stupid patent issues! The snobby, superior attitude stinks… To think I once gave money for an iPad…. How stupid! It’s time Google picks up the gloves, and dishes out some punishment! So tired of this apple crap….

  • Justaguy

    yep i’m late, but i just had to say that google needs to pound apple into the dirt. invalidate many of apple’s patents and really put weight behind their brand. if they don’t, apple will continue to steamroll android with their bs patent lawsuits.

    • Mark Murphy

      Problem there is it takes money. Lots of money. And I think that’s Apple’s game: patent every minor feature and nuance and let the world know they will sue and it will cost you a lot to use any of those same common themes. Head over to and search on Apple to see what I mean.