Motorola Defy is dust, scratch, and water resistant, thanks to Gorilla glass

Motorola has added a new Android phone to its ever expanding lineup, this time in the form of the Defy, a Motoblur’d Android 2.1 device which features a nearly indestructible 3.7-inch display.  Once again, Gorilla glass comes to the rescue here, which is the technology behind Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen.

The device is supposed to be able to withstand being placed in up to a meter of water, so a trip to the beach or the pool might not spell disaster if the phone decides it wants to take a bath. The Defy will also feature a 800MHz chip, and is expected to launch in Europe sometime in Q4 2010.  There is no word yet about pricing, or if this will ever be released in the US, but hit up the source link below for some more photos and information about the Defy.

[via Motorola]

  • SirWally

    “…nearly indestructible…”

    While I think Gorilla Glass is great, I think that a screen protector is still a prudent investment, unless you actually enjoy user-inflicted imperfections on the screen. I have an ZAGG InvisibleShield (which needs replacing because it was damaged by the son’s teeth after he fell on the phone). While I prefer not having protector, I don’t want any scratches on the screen, period. If you watch that video you will see that the screen can be scratched and broken. Admittedly it takes quite a beating, but you can quite clearly see scratches on the screen prior to the drop-tests.

  • Fredro49

    The Motorola Defy is nowhere near indestructible!!!! my device dropped from a computer desk which is about a 2 foot drop and landed on a Lowes “Do It Yourself” hardwood surface (which by the way isnt a real hardwood floor) and this So Called “Gorilla Glass” provided absolutely NO part of its hype to be what they call “indestructible”… Im thinking of joining the roster for this class action lawsuit against Motorola.. because the assistance they provide for this problem is not acceptable by NO means! Unsatisfied customer is what i am!!!

  • Kerry

    How can I join this class action, I am so disappointed with this mobile phone and the treatment I’ve received from the Motorolla Service department. Had phone 7 months and been back for repairs 3 times for the same problem, echoing!!!!

  • k burgess

    I have the same problem with my defy, not even a year old motorla say they dont advertise it as not being able to break so i have to pay. NOT HAPPY so disappointed with this phone also

  • Jemma

    i have had the phone for about a month, not even that and it has a tiny scratch on….so much for being “indestructable” and “scratch resistant”