Ads on the new Kindle Fire staying put and will be non-removable

Yesterday we reported that the ads surrounding Amazon’s new Kindle Fire (most notably the lockscreen) would be removable upon the users choice. It looks like those reports have been rebuffed by Amazon as the company sees it as an opportunity to regain some of their losses when they made the tablets as cheap as they did. Nonetheless, I’m sure this move will annoy plenty of customers. I mean, who likes to see ads on a device they use every day, right?

Either way it looks like the ads are staying, for now. Perhaps Amazon will look to take them out on future updates, but that remains to be seen. I’m sure this move will only give people an extra incentive to root and flash custom ROM’s on their new Kindle Fire, what do you think?

source: c| net

  • GoingPostal13

    I think that’s sealed the deal – it’ll be a Nexus 7.

  • Justin A

    amazon seems to have made some strange compromises on these things. Why create a new wifi chip and all the expense that entails and then put ads on these things. Crazy.

  • RTWright

    With ads being forced on me alone, I wouldn’t even bother buying one. I’d just get the Kindle reader and do away with buying the Fire from Amazon all together. Why root when you can just buy a Nexus 7 and not have to deal with that at all?

    • Macky Evangelista

      Yup! Nexus 7 all the way man. You have one?