Featured Play Store Newbie: Million Dollar Adventure [Gaming-Casual]

Nevosoft is at it again with their latest offering, Million Dollar Adventure. It’s about a girl named Sandra that has no memory of her past, but is given an opportunity to participate in a race around the world in which the grand prize is one million dollars.

When Sandra was little, she was in a car crash that killed her parents. She obviously survived, but her memory was damaged. She spent her childhood in an orphanage, but is living a normal life now. She receives an invitation to take part in the race I mentioned above, and since money was always a problem for her, she figured it was worth a shot. There’s one thing however, and that’s upon starting the race, she started encountering things that were related to her past, so she’s a little troubled. It’s your job to solve the mystery of her childhood and get the prize.


  • More than just hidden objects – find the clues, solve puzzles, play mini-games to unlock the adventure;
  • Original script with a mystery to solve;
  • A variety of classical mini-games and puzzles from all over the world;
  • Picturesque locations of famous tourist attractions;
  • Great graphics, music and voice overs
Million Dollar Adventure is Free to play, but you can unlock the full adventure with an in-app purchase. Check out their demo video and hit one of the download links below to get started.


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