Samsung seeks injunction against LG Display to prevent use of stolen technology

A story that sounds like the plotline from an industrial espionage thriller with hidden thumb drives, secretly taken photos, and corporate spies, entered the Seoul Central District Court when Samsung Mobile Display, a subsidiary of Samsung, filed a request for an injunction against LG Display. Samsung alleges LG used or passed “leaked” information on to third parties after Samsung’s own employees or former employees stole the information when given access to a plant to inspect for equipment defects.

The technology in question involves Samsung’s OLED screen technology, especially a forthcoming 55-inch AMOLED TV screen. Samsung alleges LG had access to 18 “confidential technologies” and 21 other items of detailed information related to the technologies. In addition to the injunction, Samsung is asking for 1 billion won (≈ $880,500 USD) for each instance where LG used the technology or passed it on to a third party.

Samsung currently controls about 99% of the world OLED market. LG claims they use a different technology for their display screens and therefore have no need or interest in Samsung’s technology. Neither Samsung nor LG Display provided any comment or response to the filing.

source: c|net


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