Google ready to move Google Fiber beyond Kansas City

In late July, Google rolled out their new Google Fiber product to Kansas City. According to Capstone analyst Rory Maher, Google is now ready to expand to new locations. In a report on Business Insider today, Maher indicates he has been in contact with sources close to the Kansas City project and they are telling him “more cities will likely be bidding for Fiber soon.”

Google Fiber is Google’s entry into the physical plant side for television and Internet connections. Fiber gives them the opportunity to serve the “last mile” – the term used for the physical connection people use to access the Internet. The product itself includes HD quality television, a beefed up DVR capable of recording up to 500 hours and access via iOS and Android apps, and high-speed Internet service.

Is the Google Fiber product something you would be interested in coming to your location?

source: Business Insider

  • craig0r

    I can only pray Toronto’s one of the upcoming cities… but I doubt that :(

  • Robhimself79

    My god I would love it. Verizon completely stopped running fiber altogether where I am. I don’t believe we will get it until someone else attempts to out do them.

  • James B. Ramey

    If Google brought fiber to Minneapolis, I’d be one of the advocates out going door to door getting my neighborhood signed up for the service. I might even pay for the service for others who were unwilling to bring in fiber just so I could get it. Century Link (formally Quest), MediaCom, and Time Warner need some competition to ‘want’ to deliver better service at a better price. They’ve gotten lazy because geographical and political boundaries limit their ability to compete with one another which in turn limits the actual customer service they deliver to end users. Google becomes a ‘game changer’ forcing others to keep up or get out of the business altogether. And for some of these companies in the Internet deliver business today, I say good riddance (yeah, I’m looking at you Century Link).

  • doug75

    I too am in Minneapolis. I agree with James.

    • boot comcast

      Amen. Comcast is just horrible!!! James is right, all the providers into the Twin Cities marketplace blame poor performance on competition constraints, so everyone strives to maintain a lowest common denominator. USI in Mpls is the sole-exception– they have outstanding customer service, but their infrastructure is made for vanilla low-band surfers. If Google considered the Twin Cities, like James, I would canvass my neighborhood just to get the momentum rolling.

  • MrJtowN

    I would be glad to see that kind of great service in Acworth, Georgia

  • ElSteverino

    I would love for Google to buy SureWest Kansas City so those of us in the burbs can get some sweet Google Fiber.

  • Tim Dillenberger

    I’m from Minneapolis as well, and a USI Wireless customer, I would also switch to Google Fiber if it came to Minneapolis.

  • Tony

    I would also be one to sign up if they entered the Minneapolis market and suburbs. Would replace my current TV/Internet in a heart beat.

  • Vegeta

    I am also in the twincities area.. I would very easily switch to google fiber if it came to MN .. I just hope it works for cities outside of Minneapolis :D

  • Rama

    I would move to a difference neighborhood here in Minneapolis to get the service. I’d easily pay an extra $20k on a house with fiber access.

  • Keith

    I’d LOVE to see Google Fiber in the Metro Minneapolis area. Knock Comcast on it’s collective backside. It’s a very poor value and I WILL switch as soon as it becomes available.