Could this Samsung SGH-T889 leaked image be T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2?


Looks like this screenshot image could very well be T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The image shows SGH-T889, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the UA proof also tells us it has a display of 1280×720. Let’s keep in mind that T-Mobile’s original Note was dubbed as the SGH-T879, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable that this slightly higher number will be the Note 2.

According to TMONEWS, T-Mobile’s Note 2 will keep the powerful quad-core Exynos processor made by Samsung and will run on the 42MB HSPA+ network. This would be great considering it will be one of the rare Samsung US devices that is able to retain the Exynos rather than using the Snapdragon processors.

I’m actually quite surprised that a leak of this magnitude (if legitimate) has surfaced so quickly. Perhaps this is the reason T-Mobile’s original Note was short lived. Either way I’m excited for this device to hit T-Mobile sometime this Fall. Would the Note 2 be something you guys wait for, or is the Galaxy S III powerful enough for you?

source: TMONEWS

  • Tony Hedges

    I dunno why your getting excited about it? The Galaxy Note 2 looks like a big Galaxy S3 (and that looks like it was designed by a pubescent teenager).

    • Macky Evangelista

      The beauty of Android is that there’s plenty of choices for people to choose from. I’m sure you have a favorite Android device right? I can guarantee you that there’s people that hate that device as well.

      Just the way the world works my man.

  • Johnny Murillo

    I hope not, I want the Galaxy Note 2 to be a AT&T exclusive! Just like the first one was. And 4G LTE is much faster than 4G HSPA+. I don’t know why T-Mobile even goes all the way up to 42Mbps especially when they can’t even come close to that speed? I have the Infuse 4G with AT&T which is 21Mbps HSPA+ & the highest speeds I’ve ever gotten is 10Mbps. But usually it’s more like 5-8Mbps which is pretty good. And I know AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network is way better then T-Mobiles. I’ve yet to see one YouTube video showing T-Mobiles network even remotely come close to 42Mbps speeds?

    • Macky Evangelista

      A 42mb HSPA+ device gets faster speeds than a 21mb HSPA+ device. Even though it will never reach half of those speeds. I think the radio is just stronger. That’s my understanding of it. But good point.

    • Kan

      I’m sorry but you’re one of those people who have no idea what they’re talking about. HSPA+ offers a max theoretical of 672 Mbps under the specification, LTE offers a max of 300 Mbps, it’s not til they decide to switch over the technology over to LTE Advance that LTE will actually surpass HSPA+. As it stands HSPA+ is highly superior to LTE, Advanced will begin to rollout in 2013. Tmobile is already upgrading their network to LTE Advance, with that same equipment also being HSPA+ 84 Mbps and HSPA+ 168 Mbps capable. As it stands in real world performance, HSPA+ currently comes out on top. And once T-mobile finishes deploying their new equipment (capable of both HSPA+ 168 and LTE Advance), they’ll be ahead of the rest of the carriers much more clearly.