Apple’s Recent Victory Is A Blessing In Disguise For Samsung: Research Shows Increased Galaxy S III Sales Since Verdict


Samsung may have a recent $1 billion verdict against itself, but it looks like the recent dogfight it had against Apple has had a rather profound benefit: increased Galaxy S III sales. According to Trip Chowdhry who is the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, customers “rushed” to buy the Galaxy S III smartphone after the verdict was announced. In terms of specifics— Chowdhry used a sample of three Costco stores and found two of three Costco stores were completely sold out of the AT&T version of the smartphone. In addition, Chowdhry found that out of a sample of 5 AT&T stores, every store experienced “significant sales” of the smartphone and more importantly— outsold the Apple iPhone 4S.

Talk about the recent ruling backfiring against Apple, sheesh. Samsung has yet another reason to smile on top of its existing millions upon millions of sales and maybe consumers aren’t so blind after all.

source: Forbes

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Sassigal11

    How about the report from gazelle of dumping of Samsung phones? How many of those are lining up for the next iPhone rather than you phony knockoffs?

    • Lost_Fan

      You beat me to it…
      w w w . l o o p i n s i g h t . c o m / 2 012/08/28/consumers-dumping-samsung-phones/

    • ari_free

      The only phony knockoffs areApple’s attempts at copying Android’s multitasking and notifications

      • Sassigal11

        Take your notifications back. I immediately disabled it. Useless crap. Multitasking on the iPhone has been there forever. Please know what you are talking about before you comment

        • Jon Garrett

          the iPhone does not have nor has it ever had multitasking you iDiot.

          • Sassigal11

            Have you ever used an iPhone ? I am trying my utmost best not to descend to your level with all the name calling so get a grip. Thank you

            • Jon Garrett

              I had every iPhone from the first to the 4. I switched to Android in Oct 2011 and its been awesome, way more awesome than just waiting for an over-hyped phone once a year.

              Again, the iPhone does NOT have multitasking. anybody and everybody who uses one or blogs about tech knows this–except you for some reason.

  • RTWright

    I’ve got one for you, how about all you lemmings that follow the loser known as Apple, right off the cliff they’re going to jump off sooner or later? All of you Applings coming here and spreading your opinions seem to forget, that was only a -temporary- victory that really costed them more than it did Samsung.

    For starters, all of these people buying the GSIII? Guess what! They’re not going to be buying your iPhones…. Secondly you’re all idiots, Multitasking has been a major part of computing LONG before any stupid iProduct had it. Go figure, you’d forget your heads if they weren’t shoved up the late Steve Job’s @#)($)#*.

    Another thing, we still have the Appeals to go through and there are several other companies lining up to bring it to your fruity company. Yeah, I’m on a bit of a rampage towards you because I love how you come here and talk all this tall talk but you know full well Apple won based on it being held in CA and that the only phones they dared to bring up were ones that are pretty much the current line up.

    Had Samsung been allowed to use certain evidence in the trial ( Which they were and I’ll admit this, stupid and leaked it out before trial ), the story would have had a much different tone to it I assure you. Apple never once originated a single bit of the technology they’ve used in over the past decade. They’ve taken from others and used others technology inside their own systems. You wouldn’t know that, because you blinded fools probably haven’t looked inside your devices to see who all made those parts for their computers, laptops, screens, etc…..

    You’d be shocked to find out they didn’t once make their own processors, not at any time. So why you come here and spout off all your snide remarks is beyond me. You don’t have a circuit to stand on or a screen to shove it out through without someone else holding your hands so get on with your lame lives. It’s not over till the fat lady sings and she’s not done a single note yet.

    • Sassigal11

      Where the hell is the appeal gonna take place? Seoul ?

      • vikings football

        maybe not, but samsung is in the process of taking apple to court in 10 of the major countries…and now this, the LTE?
        apple just wokeup a sleeping giant!!!

        • Sassigal11

          In order to progress in life you have to be accurate about your facts. It is Apple that is taking Samsung to court for infringement, Samsung has simply counter sued in these cases as is customary in most corporate cases. Furthermore Samsung may have had some cases against it dismissed but it has not succeeded in obtaining a ruling against Apple for infringement in any country. As for the LTE threat, it’s empty bravado I’m afraid. Why, because Apple uses legally licensed Qualcomm chips covered from any litigation.. Case in point the lovely new iPad uses this chip and thus far no Samsung lawsuits appear in the pipeline.

          • Sassigal11

            It had a ruling in Seoul but I am sure the nationalistic motives behind this ruling are easy to spot.

  • sdgmz

    a sample of 5? really? also what about the imminent announcement of the iphone5? isn’t that a factor? Don’t get me wrong though, I read this blog cause I’m a phan through and through