While Samsung and Apple duke it out in the courts, Samsung invests $4 billion towards Apple iPhone and iPad chip production

Samsung recently opened a plant in Austin, Texas that is responsible for manufacturing the A5X CPU for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. We all know that Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone and most likely an iPad Mini next month so Samsung is going to invest another $4 billion into the plant. That is on top of the original $3.6 billion investment to get the plant opened. This investment will obviously go towards making the plant more efficient.

I find it absolutely amazing that two companies can be such great partners on one hand, but on the other, they’re arch enemies. As we all know, the jury will start deliberating today on what is one of the biggest cases in tech history.

source: reuters


  • http://twitter.com/JMOBILEHITE352 JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE

    It’s VERY DUMB of http://www.Apple.com, cause http://www.Samsung.com PRODUCED the A5X CPU CHIPS in iPADS & iPHONES!!!!! I believe SAMSUNG should STOP PRODUCING & SELLING their PRECIOUS CHIPS to APPLE INC., that SAMSUNG MADE $4MILLION on!!!!!!! What do You think????? TALKANDROID__”DROID”_USERS__ß-D

    • RobertNazarian

      I kind of agree. Lets be honest, Samsung at least makes money on those chips. If anything they should jack up the pricing and get every other chip maker to do the same. Then of course, Apple will sue for collusion. LOL