Get Em’ While You Can: Motorola Xoom 3G 32GB for $199 or AT&T Galaxy S III for $499

Great news for those of you looking for a deal. The Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi + 3G is being featured on “Daily Steals” for only $199! I know you’re thinking, “Justin, why would I buy an old tablet for $199 when I can get the Nexus 7 for the same price?” I’m glad you asked and I have two reasons. First, this bad boy has a larger screen so you get 10-inches of HD beauty, and second is for the 3G connectivity, with a Verizon Wireless 3G enable device you can walk into any Verizon store and get hooked up with prepaid service. I know it’s not LTE but hey, it’s better than nothing and at least it keeps you connected.

Next up is AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S III. For a limited time you can get your hands on this power-packed device (off-contract) for $499 which will save you about $50. It’s not a huge savings, but at least you can avoid someone trying to make you sign a contract. If you’re the type of person who lives to save any amount of money, this is the deal for you.

If you’re interested in either deal, I urge you to hit the source link ASAP because both deals end tonight.

source: Motorola Xoom | AT&T Galaxy S III


  • iFargle

    “10 inches of HD beauty”…

    No. The screen is horrendous on the Xoom.