T-Mobile to the rescue with a truly unlimited data plan.

T-Mobile, my service provider of choice (sometimes for reasons unknown…), reportedly has a data plan on the way that is actually unlimited!  Could this be the end to throttling, caps and overage charges?

Quite possibly best of all, the plan is supposedly just $30 for Classic Plan customers and $20 for Value Plan customers and is available for all account types, including Small Business, Enterprise and in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately tethering isn’t included as they will offer 5GB and 10GB options.

What’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G good for?

  • Watch HD content to your heart’s content without worrying about things suddenly slowing down on you
  • NOT for those that wish to share their device’s data connection
  • Those that currently have 2GB of data and don’t want to worry anymore
  • Those that just want piece of mind

With T-Mobile moving in this direction, it would be nice if other carriers followed suit, but I know it’s wishful thinking.

source: tmonews

  • Jay

    Sprint has been like this for over a year….

    • pdaddy29

      Um, its been a lot longer than a year.

  • Darryl W

    This makes me happy. Especially since I have no plans on leaving T-Mobile anytime soon.