Mysterious LG Quad Core LTE Device ‘Optimus G’ Leaked

The Optimus Vu? That was so yesterday’s news. Today we’re getting wind of a new device courtesy of the Korean site, Asia Today. They claimed to have heard of a new LG quad-core LTE device with voLTE (voice over LTE) capabilities reportedly dubbed the Optimus G.  This bad-boy will rock a 4.7 inch True HD IPS display, run Ice Cream Sandwich, and will have LG’s latest Optimus UI 3.0 sitting on top.  It’s also rumored to include 2GB of RAM and a nice 13MP rear-facing camera although there is no mention of storage. The chipset is also unknown at this time but either the Tegra 3 or S4 SoC chips are obvious possibilities.

Even better news is that the device is rumored to be available in Korea beginning next month.  With that kind of a timeline, will the device be revealed at IFA which kicks off in just 8 short days from now? Makes sense to me. Keep checking here and we’ll answer all the questions surrounding this monstrous LG flagship device.

source: asiatoday
via: pocketdroid