Motorola Device Unlocking Site Now Live


It was reported last month that it was Motorola’s goal “to provide a way to unlock the bootloaders on our devices…for those that like to venture down that path of phone customization.  It now appears that they’ve made good on their goal and promise.  Motorola’s site which will make this option available, is now live and filled with all the steps along with warnings and disclaimers one would find on any developer’s post such as XDA.  There currently aren’t any Motorola phones available for this feature but Sprint’s Photon Q is listed as the first phone that will take advantage of all the unlocked goodness. You will need fastboot, the Android SDK, as well as the Motorola drivers in order to unlock.  It’s also highly recommended that before you attempt to unlock that you read all the warnings, disclaimers, prerequisites, and consequences found on the link below as it’s not always for the feint of  heart.  All of said warnings and steps are clearly laid out on Motorola’s site, which can be accessed in the link below once you’re ready to take the plunge.  You’ve still got little time to do your homework on all things unlocking in the Motorola world before the Photon Q launches.

source:  Motorola

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