Easily Crack Android’s Pattern Unlock, No Root Required

Hey modders, devs, and hackers! You know how you keep that “USB Debugging” option checked in settings? Sure, it’s useful when you need to root a device or test an app you’re developing, but you might want to consider unchecking it when not using it.

XDA developer M.Sabra says that anyone with a little ADB knowledge can easily hack Android’s pattern unlock, essentially getting access to your entire device. Apparently it’s not that difficult to do either. Root isn’t even required.

We won’t go into detail here on how to do it, but hit the source link to find out how easily your phone can get hacked if you lose it. Don’t believe your pattern gives you total protection.

source: xda

  • Chris Chavez

    Hey, that’s MY image you’re using…. O_o

  • Duncan Booth

    At least on my stock un-rooted Galaxy Nexus you don’t have access to the required files. I think this article should say ‘root your Android device and look, with a USB connection you can do what you like’, which is kind of the point of rooting but not much of a news story.
    Has anyone found an unrooted device where this does work? The source article claims root isn’t required, but there aren’t many people on xda who haven’t rooted so they may simply be wrong about that.