Google set to acquire Frommer’s Travel Brand

It’s clear that Google intends to bolster its local reviews in any way they can. They proved that with the purchase of the restaurant rating giant Zagat late last year. Now Google is all set to acquire Frommer’s Travel Brand, one of the bestselling travel guides in America. Frommer’s also includes over 350 guidebooks across 14 series, as well as other media including the award winning website which covers over 3,500 destinations. Needless to say, Frommer’s is a huge acquisition for Google as it’s an opportunity to broaden its consumer offerings outside of restaurant reviews and provide information about hotels and certain destinations.

The big question is whether Google intends to change things, either the Frommer’s guidebooks will continue to be published in print or whether they will eventually migrate entirely to online. Or perhaps they may liquidate it into Zagat or maybe even into Google Maps.

Either way, I’m sure Google will find a perfect way to implement this acquisition. I just can’t wait for this to come to Google Maps on my Android device. Any of you guys excited about this recent purchase by Google?

source: Wall Street Journal

  • easy use

    Good to know about your blog i have visit and i am very inspired from your ideas It will be interesting to see what we learn about the use of mobile phones in the coming years.

    • Macky Evangelista

      Thank you sir for reading!

  • Nudo

    I think its awesome

  • RTWright

    I have Trip Advisor on my GSIII, love it actually, but was just thinking last night as I was browsing through the Dublin ( Ireland ) guide they have. Just how much better it would be if it were using the Google Maps in place of it’s own. How ironic to come here this morning and read this hehehe.

    • Macky Evangelista

      Yeah I’d love for this to hit Google Maps! It’ll make it even more perfect as it already is. :)