Toshiba’s Android tablet will be a 10in, dual core powerhouse

While we knew a few things about Toshiba’s Smartpad, now possibly called Folio 100, a few more details have leaked out. We knew that the device was going to be a 10in, Tegra 2-powered Android tablet. But we didn’t know anything about the CPU or what version of Android that the iPad competitor would be running. Now apparently, those details are making their way to the surface.

The Folio 100 will (probably) feature the Nvidia Tegra 250 CPU, a dual core Arm A9 processor running at 1GHz. This dual core processor will be pushing Android 2.2 at a supposed resolution of 1024×600.

To further gain a leg up on the iPad, the Folio 100 will feature a 1.3MP webcam for use in video calling and 32GB of removable storage (16GB built in). This is in addition to the (again rumored) 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity, 3G connectivity (another tablet that makes calls, interesting), HDMI 1080p port, USB 2.0 (why not 3.0?) and USB 2.2 mini audio jack. Keeping the tablet running will be a 1020mAh battery that is capable of 7 hours of usage.

If you want to catch a live glimpse of Toshiba’s tablet (as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab) then head over to IFA which begins on September 3rd in sunny Berlin, Germany.

[via intomobile]

  • Anuj Ahooja

    Looks so beautiful. Any word on pricing? And will there be a WiFi-only edition? I really don’t want to buy another 3G device..

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