Drop Test? That’s Old School! How About Dragging Your Galaxy S III While it’s Attached to Your Car? [Video]

I don’t know about you, but every time someone performs a drop test on a phone I cringe. The thought of taking a $600 device and trashing it intentionally is mind boggling, even though it’s for science! Now this technically isn’t a drop test, but it definitely puts the Samsung Galaxy S III through its paces. In the following video, YouTube user “aperfectgalaxy” goes bananas with a brand new iPhone 4S and pits it against a brand new Galaxy S III with Corning Gorilla glass to test the strength of both their screens. Can you guess the outcome? Hit the break to find out!



Pretty impressive right? You can see the Galaxy S III comes out on top with little damage. It’s amazing considering they dragged the phones behind a car on some pretty intense terrain. Now that you know your screen is tough, are you going to drag it behind your car? If you do, make sure you email us the videos!

source: Phandroid

  • c.sease

    I dropped my galaxy siii from about pocket hight and it landed on its side then onto its face and the scene was demolished, luckily o had a protection plan on it from bby. I also work there and a gut brought his siii in and claims he had it in a otter box and the screen still got broke when he I think he droppped it from waist hight. So what’s up with the screen, shouldn’t it be stronger than that? I feel like my sii before that had a better screen what gives?

    • Elbert Lim

      I’m not sure, but if the s3 drops face first, chances are it will still be ok, but from a lot of drop test videos I’ve seen, dropping them with one of the four corners hitting first causes a lot of force that causes the glass to break. Same thing with the iphone I think. But that’s just me.

      • RTWright

        I have a guitar that slid off of it’s stand with no one around, only about two inches at best. It’s a shallow body Ovation Custom Legend ( Look them up on Google and you’ll see ). Where it hit was on the white binding that went around the edge. What happened was pretty upsetting. It separated the binding from the body and because the finish goes to the edge, it caused the front surface of the instrument to form a lot of spider-web cracks into the finish.

        The point is, these devices have that same thing. The glass goes to the bevel. So hitting on it’s back or front probably, while still not good, may not hurt them or as badly. But you hit them on the sides or corners and it’s going to have devastating results. They’re very sensitive and fragile in that respect. Anyone that spends this kind of money on a device, is a fool if they don’t get some kind of case to go around it. And NOT the Samsung flip cover case either!

    • John Chapman

      I have a scratch on my screen, and none on the rest of the phone. I baby this phone and it scratched. My brothers feel out of his pocket while he was lasting on the ground and it shattered. That’s a8inch drop! I live the phone, but very disappointed in the glass.

  • c.sease

    Sorry for the grammer I’m currently using an HTC design as a loaner phone and getting use to typing on a small screen.

  • JustinCrouch

    ^_^ Sounds like all of you need to buy D3O cases!

  • dustin

    the s 3 is a piece of crap had it 3 weeks had it in my pocket all day never dropped it with loose jeans took it out my pocket to answer a phone call and had i crack all the way down the center of the screen. i had the htc thunder bolt for over a year and a half never had that happen. my wifes also shattered from a 2 foot drop i will never buy a samsung product again. they need to be sued for there junk there selling and telling people its strong

    • Juan

      Don’t hate dude.you just don’t like android.you can go back to iPhone’s

  • Gustavo

    And I just bought a screen protector film for my Galaxy SIII …