More press images of the new Sony Xperia tablet leak ahead of IFA 2012

Last week we learned about the new Sony tablet that will be unveiled at the IFA Conference at the end of the month. We were pretty certain this tab would be Xperia branded, but now it’s just about a lock as you can clearly see the Xperia logo. Also the UI is very Xperia-like, which shows us that the development for both phones and tablets are becoming more unified.

For now it looks like Ice Cream Sandwich will be the Android version of choice. One other item to note is the Walkman app icon that’s visible. It looks that will be the next big push for Sony. Why they ever let that name die continues to amaze me.

Sony really makes some really nice hardware so I’m really interested to get my hands on it. From what I see so far, this one will keep up with their tradition. The big question is if it’s going to be priced right? Hit the break for two more images.


source: xperiablog


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  • jb

    Remember when Sony use to be the 500 pound gorilla in the tech world…. Back when Sony was an innovator and pushing the tech industry forward… What the heck happened? Now they build a bunch of ‘me-too’ products (like this tablet) that aren’t as good; aren’t as well priced; and have nothing to add to the conversation. And best of all, probably include some proprietary bits that will make it rather obsolete with the next revolution of tablets coming to the market (if it isn’t already). Sad, real sad.