The Unthinkable Has Happened: Jelly Bean Recently Ported To HTC G1 Smartphone


Sure the original HTC G1 is the ancestor of all Android phones, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be brought in today’s world. XDA superstud Jcarrz1 was able to bring some Android 4.1 glory to the G1 by bringing a buggy, but functional port of CM10, just like how he brought Ice Cream Sandwich to the smartphone last year. In addition, the awesome Google Now is also working in a functional capacity— while WiFi is working at full capacity (though cellular data isn’t). Jcarrz1’s achievement just shows that contrary to what OEMs want you to believe, users can have the latest software on their Android devices.

Interested in checking out more details or giving the port a try on your old G1? Hit the source link to find complete information of the details.

source: XDA Forums

  • PXn

    haha awesome I miss my G1