Online Nandroid Backup allows Nandroid backups without booting into recovery


If you’re an avid Android “rooter” and “ROM flasher,” then I’m sure the Nandroid backup feature that custom recoveries offer has been your best friend. It’s essential to perform a Nandroid backup before you wipe and flash your newly desired ROM in case something goes wrong and you need to restore your phone into a previously working state.

If you’re not familiar with how a traditional Nandroid backup works, you are required to turn the phone off and boot into the recovery to perform the procedure. A typical Nandroid backup takes about 4-6 minutes, thus your phone would be nonoperational for that period of time. An XDA developer by the name of ameer1234567890 found that troublesome as he would constantly miss important calls and texts from his family and took it upon himself in creating  away to perform a Nandroid backup without having to boot into recovery. Online Nandroid Backup allows the user to perform a Nandroid backup without the need to turn your phone off, thus you won’t miss important calls or texts.

Using the program is actually fairly simple and easy to follow:

1. Rooted android phone
2. A terminal emulator installed on phone
3. Busybox
4. A working CWM based recovery installed
5. Some patience

1. Download and copy zip file to SD card
2. Reboot into recovery
3. Choose install zip from SD card, select zip and flash .
4. Reboot!

1. Open terminal emulator
2. Type su to obtain root
3. Type onandroid
4. Wait and watch

While this is a wonderful idea, I would still personally recommend performing a Nandroid backup the old fashioned way (through recovery), simply because this is still new and bugs may be present. Either way, this is a great tool and I commend the developer for creating something that is useful for many.

You can head over to the source link for further instructions and download links if you’re interested in giving this a shot!

source: XDA Developers 


    At first I thought “really really good idea”, but as I starting reading the article, I thought the same thing you wrote at the end of your article, there are probably bugs so I will hold off, but follow this development for sure, and let all the anxious people brick their phones before I have the chance to. The reason I say brick, is because what if something goes wrong with the backup? After all, we are using the INTERNET to so this right?

    • Macky Evangelista

      Yes exactly. That’s why using the regular way (through recovery) is best since it’s been around for so long now and everyone uses it with a high success rate. This is still new and I’d rather have other people encounter the bugs than me lol. Either way, that’s why I flash ROM’s in late-late nights to avoid missing important calls and texts.


    Goodness it is a pain to edit a comment on the mobile site. Try it and see what I mean. I’m using a galaxy s3 t999 CM9 just in case.