Sources say Samsung tablet to be a direct competitor with iPad Mini

Yesterday, we reported on a leaked video of Samsung’s not-yet-released Galaxy Tablet. Many people have told us their thoughts on the tablet, and a lot of it was positive. Samsung Electronics is now preparing to do up a demo to the public for the new tablet in Berlin, Germany at IFA 2010 September 3-8, and sources close to the company are letting loose that Samsung is planning the device to directly compete with Apple’s not-yet-announced 7-inch “iPad mini”.

What do you think? can Samsung’s new baby compete with Apple’s stranglehold on the tablet market with their new device? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

[via digitimes]

  • michael

    if the price is a little bit cheaper than ipad mini & there is a wifi version only with easy purchase it will be a winner !!! otherwise ipad mini will win !!

  • MenoRikey

    I want one!

  • Howard Ha

    7″ is a really good form factor and I’d go for one myself. I don’t think you can really “win” against iPhone/iPad at this point, but Samsung can capture alot of market share. To do this I think Samsung needs:

    * The price to be slightly cheaper than the iPad Mini
    * Battery life must be comparable, or better.
    * The hardware has to be really high quality, as you know Apple’s iPad quality is second to none
    * The tablet has to be ultra light. Far lighter than the iPad’s current weight.
    * built in stereo speakers, headphone jack, and camera! (one of the most requested features on the iPad)
    * superb multi touch accuracy with more than 2 touch points. The iPad has at least 7 (seems to be some debate about it) touch points (this is critical for gaming).

    Do you guys think the tablet should allow you to make calls?

  • Stanley

    I LOVE answering really stupid questions.

    There is absolutely no android device that could compete with any crappy apple device. After all, an android is twice as good as any crapple devices.

    has the android phone done anything to the “stranglehold” that crapple has on the smartphone market?

    Besides, crapple devices are designed, built and maintained by God. God only allows angels to use them. Android was designed, built and maintained by humans. It is meant for humans to use.