Verizon Stores All Set To Offer Wireless Charging Kits For Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone


Life is about to get just a little sweeter for owners of the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S III smartphone. Fresh off reports of third party wireless charging kits being on the way, the gang at PhoneArena obtained some confidential information indicating Verizon’s flavor of the device has a wireless charging kit on the way. The wireless charging kit will include a special Sammy and Verizon-branded back cover for $39 and a charging station that will be marked down to $50. All in all, it will run you a hair under 90 bones in order to have access to the cool feature of the device.

So what say you Verizon Galaxy S III owners, you folks getting this not-quite-official accessory?

source: PhoneArena

  • bstringy

    If it has to rest on top of the charging station, what is the point? If it could charge devices from across the room, that would be worth something.

    • Brandon

      When you use your phone for work this is the best way to charge your phone.This is much more convenient.

      • bstringy

        Sure, I do, but all the places I have chargers plugged in I also have a laptop. Now, if there were a wireless charging system integrated with my Steelie phone mount, that too would be worth something. steelie dot com