Ice Cream Sandwhich Not Coming to LG’s Optimus 2X?

Some sad news coming from LG Canada’s Twitter account today. The LG Optimus 2X won’t be receiving an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich as previously stated. The statement was issued in response to a tweet asking if the device would receive the delicious update. LG Canada did not explain the reason users would not see ICS, just stating “the original announcement was a general statement issued from HQ.” 

Although there may still be some hope yet, this announcement could be specific to LG Canada only, however, it would make little sense for LG to do that. It takes loads of man hours to bring software updates and it seems unlikely LG would spend all that time to NOT include the Canadian variants. We know the Optimus 2X has the capabilities to run ICS and this is not the first time a device manufacturer has ever backed out on something they said. This may be a good time for you to look at rooting your device!

source: Twitter

  • Milton Segura

    Rooting won’t help beyond Gingerbread, LG hasn’t released drivers needed to build a complete ICS rom

  • vrag

    we dont have hardware acceleration, so mods wont help. FU LG.

  • Pascal

    Omg this is like virus, it is only in canada, carries decision, LG Uk still say September.

  • JustinCrouch

    No drivers?? WTH LG.

  • Cady Seo

    Ice cream sandwich has many updated features than Ginger bread..!!!! I really hope there is some solution for this problem..


  • amuu407

    is there any chance lg 2x getting hardware drivers. No need of ICS just what we need is hard ware drivers for ICS
    And its worse to hear the worlds first dual core mobile is not getting ICS update Though it owns the capability of running ics clean and smooth, And its promised by lg it would give update.
    I swear if lg fools its customers like this______——
    I think all will follow me,,, NO MORE LG IN MY LIFE.
    I am a fan of LG but now i quit, I will go for samsung or HTC, If lg does not full fill its promise.