NVIDIA will support Miracast Wireless Display Standard for wireless mirroring on the big screen

Within the next few months, the Wi-FI Alliance will launch the Miracast wireless display certification program. It enables devices such as televisions, phones, tablets, and computer monitors to share their displays wirelessly. According to NVIDIA, they are not only supporting it, they are embracing it. This means that eventually devices that have NVIDIA (ie Tegra 3) chips will not only be able to share photos and stream HD movies to the big screen, but will also be able to play any game on their mobile device via the big screen, all without wires. Pair it with a wireless controller and you have the perfect gaming system. We probably won’t see any devices hit the market till late this year or early 2013, but for a sneak peak on how it works, check out the video after the break. This is one area where Android is playing catch up with Apple.