Samsung Galaxy S III Acts As All-In-One Device At Holiday Inn For London Olympics


In case you didn’t know the future is now, Samsung is out to remind you of just that. In addition to having major influence for the Olympics, the Galaxy S III is now an official keycard at London’s Stratford Holiday Inn hotel during the Games. Samsung spearheaded a collaboration with the hotel to equip 40 rooms with a technology that allows the smartphone to do just about everything: check in and out, order room service, unlock doors and control the TV without moving. Quite impressive indeed.

Before you all try to hurry up and scramble to grab a room at that hotel’s location, keep in mind that the service will not be available to all– only VIPs for now. Of course you can try and convince one of those lucky individuals to allow to shack up with them so you can utilize the cool feature and technology— though we wouldn’t recommend it.

source: Samsung Tomorrow

  • SebaKL

    Talking about real phone, with real features. Did I hear “Apple Ground breaking Innovations”? Where are all the Apple is Innovative comments? Come On, don’t be shy, I want some laughs over here….while YOU drool over my Galaxy phone!