MyScript Handwriting Recognition Software For Android

Vision Objects are currently developing one of the first handwriting-recognition solutions for the Android platform. Known as “MyScript”, the system is capable of recognizing all manner of hand-printed and hand-written gestures in some 16 different languages.

As shown in the video footage below, the software doesn’t require a stylus, and can confidently absorb the inputted characters quickly and easily.

Whilst Vision Objects provide their handwriting-recognition software to a number of companies, there isn’t any indication as to when we can expect to see the software available on the Android platform.


  • Sqij

    It’s amazing how technology gets REinvented over and over in circles; c. ’96 Palm brings us Grafiti(TM), derivatives abound, including PocketPC’s natural handwriting input, then on-screen QWERTY keyboards are the flavour, then slide-out Real keyboards are the flavour, and now we’re back to scribbling letters on-screen again.

    • AussieMatt

      its called iterative design not reinvented. process of taking something and making it better.

  • Andrés

    Any idea when this app will come out and where we can buy it?


  • Khavalier

    Which is funny because Palm of course was re-working what the Newton started a in ’93 which was itself a re-work of other ideas.

    I do find it amazing that I could do almost everything with my Newton back in the late ’90s that I can do with one of the modern smart phones.

  • tranzz

    Graffiti on Palm ROCK’D!!!

    I’d rather have my good ol’ scribbling than the keyboard I got on my Droid. Now I do, but this ain’t it! MobileWriter is already released on Android, and will do Graffiti, Graffiti2, or your own “printing” style handwriting.

    Still, nobody’s looking for the you-tube demo of something that’s not even out in beta! If you’ve got it, and it actually works, let us have it!

  • LifeInBinary

    Handwriting recognition software on windows mobile was great. When I upgrade to new technology, I want MORE, not LESS. I would have appreciated handwriting recognition being part of android.

  • Lectraplayer

    We all put data into ojr devices diferently. I found Palm Graffiti smooth and natural but onscreen keyboards slow and cumbersome. Others are the exact opposite. I think having both types of input is critical if you want a device the most, people can use well.

  • Simon

    The real advancement with small scale text input since the late 90’s came with T9. I just paid for my second app in 12 months: Swiftkey Just like T9 with words not merely letters, after the free trial I could never go back.