Samsung prepping to roll out Android 4.1 to Galaxy S III, possibly other models

Insider reports from Samsung indicate testing and preparations to rollout Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to their Samsung Galaxy S III devices are underway. No date has been established yet, but it is believed late August or early September is the target.

The status of a Jelly Bean update for other devices is less clear. If testing on the Samsung Galaxy S III goes well, that may be good news for development of an update for the Samsung Galaxy S II and possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note. Reports indicate Samsung is considering a strategy of updating high-end devices more than they have in the past. This would be consistent with Samsung’s new CEO’s desire to improve the user experience on their devices.

source: Sam Mobile

  • Mike

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I was thinking they’ll get around to it by the time Galaxy S4.

  • juandroid

    What about Galaxy Tab 7+?

  • Masshole

    I know my gs2 Skyrocket can handle it. Seeing as i just got ICS like a week ago i plan on seeing thos update, if there is one, in like a year.

  • lola

    All I want is 4.0.4 for my t-mobile sgs2…the bugs on ics are horrible and make the phone almost unusable. I’d be happy if they fixed that…any update after would be a bonus!

  • Spike

    Can’t wait for the 4.1 update. $.0.4 is really nice on the S3 but 4.1 looks like a nice move in the right direction with the addition of the GPU advances. I can’t remember where I read it, but someone is saying last weeks 79mb update dropped some firmware update in for preparation for the soak test. No idea if it’s true and I can’t remember where on XDA I read it, but that’s a good sign it’ll be within the coming months.