Legacy Play Store Allows You To See A List of Your Purchased Apps Again

Before the Android Market switched over to the Play Store the Market allowed you to see a list of your purchased apps under a “Not installed” section. After the transition to the Play Store, at some point along the update line, the list of paid apps went away. If you’re wanting the ability to see that list again, Paul O’Brien over at Modaco, has solved the problem. You can get the Legacy Play Store app that will solve your problem by bringing back the “Not installed” list of apps.

Paul was able to get the old version of the Play Store client and with some tinkering around, he was able to make it run alongside the official Play Store. Once again, in the Legacy Play Store your apps will have a My Apps screen with a list of all the paid apps you’ve purchased that are not installed on your device. The current version of the Play Store has a tab for all of your apps that are installed or you’ve ever installed, and lumps these together with any apps you’ve purchased. If you’ve purchased a  lot of apps, you may find yourself having trouble finding the small handful of paid apps you want for your respective devices.

You’re able to download the APK from the source link below. You might be able to install it on it’s own on Jelly Bean devices, but he recommends installing it under root and pushing it to  /system/app and chmod it to 644.

source: Modaco

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • http://www.facebook.com/busixb Rich Richard

    Does not work on jellybean or ICS. Force closes after linking Google acct

  • http://www.facebook.com/dushan.ruzic Dushan Ruzic

    i have it on my jelly bean S2, but id like to get rid of it any idea’s?