Samsung Galaxy S III premium edition accessories pack available in Taiwan

Samsung and Asian telecom provider Chunghwa Telecom released a 2012 London Olympics accessory pack  for the Galaxy S III today in the Taiwan market.  The pack includes three phone holders, a couple back covers, and a figurine to mount via the 3.5mm headphone jack. The base of each phone holder is adorned with the British flag as well as one of the back covers. The other back cover is a graphic of a member of the Royal British Guard. The phone holders each use a different Olympic sport for a figure that serves as a stand for the phone – Cycling, Weightlifting and Taekwondo. The figure that mounts in the audio jack is a British Royal Guard figure and serves no purpose other than bling.

In addition to the items indicated, a static wallpaper will be made available via Samsung Apps beginning July 22nd. Pricing appears to be in the $10 US range.

source: Pocket Droid