HTC Issues Revised Statement On Desire HD/Desire S Android 4.0 Update


Here we go again with the HTC Desire HD/Desire S ICS update saga. After Telus announced the devices would not get the update, HTC came out with some damage control and said hold your horses— those phones are “still on schedule” to get the update. After some minor deliberation, HTC then revised its stance and wants to do further research in determining the Desire HD/Desire S’s ability to run Android 4.0. Here’s exactly what it had to say on the matter:


“HTC is committed to providing the best customer experience on our devices and are currently determining the ability to support Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Desire HD.  We’ll provide more information when we’ve completed our analysis.”


To sum everything up: it’s not quite certain as of now that the Desire HD/Desire S will get the ICS update after all. HTC will have to wait and do further research and investigation to see if those devices can indeed handle the current software. The best case scenario— we’re looking at a serious delay of the update, but at least it will be pushed out eventually to owners of the devices. Worst case scenario— HTC determines after its further investigation that the Desire HD/Desire S will not get the update because it deems they are not capable of handling the software.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed HTC will push out the software to owners of those devices.


source: Android Central

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • VegaaGuy

    I can relate to Desire owners. The MOTO Photon is supposed to get it but we are stuck watching newer just out phones like Razor getting it right away while we have to wait months longer for ICS.

  • Ben

    Oh cmon almost same thing was with my HTC Evo 3D and i got the update on first day that was available on 26 June so i bet S and HD will get the update for sure. =)

  • Mark Dimbleby

    Just give us the ics without htc sense. Ics runs on lesser phones so whats the problem. Give us the update..PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Sounds like I will be upgrading handset before the update after all.

  • RTWright

    I know this feeling all too well, they claimed on their own forums ( HTC that is ) That the Evo 4G could not run 4.0 and also was not able to handle Sense 2.x or higher due to hardware limitations. The only limitations is Sense, Camera, Video and 4G drivers. Which THEY could fix, but wont.

    See the underlying issue is, they build these devices so you HAVE to upgrade within a year or two. They know it, the Carriers know it, only recently have we seen them upgrade much of anything. But it’s always the newer devices that recently came out getting it before others.

    Then to top it off, HTC came out with ICS updates scheduled for all devices that were over the 512MB internal storage. Because we all know that Sense is the limiting factor here because it’s so dang bloated. They don’t know how to make graphics and a launcher to go with 4.0 without it weighing in at almost 300MB or more. Sense is the issue here, not the hardware. They could make everything else work but they wont trim down Sense…..

    Right now I’m running CM9 on my Evo ( Unofficial version ) and everything but 4G and Netflix work. The Camcorder works, but not all that good. But at least we know it does run on it. So why the heck HTC is having such issues is beyond me…. This is precisely why I’m going to an SGSIII for my next device.

    • Dude

      Samsung has the same update issues. Better go with the Nexus!

  • keyhan

    Incredible S which has worse spec than DHD has got ICS, so saying DHd has not the spec is just plain lie