Google: “No Plans To Support The Sprint Galaxy Nexus As A Target Device For Custom AOSP Builds”


Well while the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is one step closer to truly becoming a “Nexus”, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is still lacking AOSP support, so what gives? Well, for one thing Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus— also known as toro— only has experimental binaries at this point and Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus— also known as toroplus— well… is not getting even an experimental build of the various binaries. And not only that— Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is not only getting the cold shoulder from Google Developers, but there are no immediate plans to offer support for that version of the device as indicated by Jean-Baptiste Queru:

“As far as toroplus, the situation is unchanged: there are no plans to support it as a target device for custom AOSP builds.

This is certainly a bit of a messy situation unfolding. Considering the resounding success of the Nexus S 4G and the fact loyal Sprint customers have been eager to have the Galaxy Nexus, Sprint (and Google) would best figure out some type of compromise or solution and soon. The loyal Nexus customers deserve at least that much.

source: Android Police

  • Gem Jefferson

    Why would Google allow a major carrier to launch a Nexus phone they won’t support? Things like that is why people prefer the iPhone. (I’m #teamandroid before anyone asks)

  • RTWright

    I bet it has something to do more with Sprint and how they’re handling things with that device and Google. Sprint isn’t innocent and can be a royal pain to deal with on a Hardware level. Between them and HTC, they’re the reasons I’m wanting to switch not only my device to Samsung, but also possibly Carriers as well. I don’t think we’re getting the whole story here is what I’m getting at.

    • Saif

      Carriers are big problems!